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Strictly speaking at some level, we all self-harm. Some of us overwork, others eat too much or too little, drink too much alcohol, or others punish themselves with abusive self-talk. Self-hariming behaviors can be seen as a way to modulate difficult emotional states. Self-harming is a way of expressing and dealing with terrible distress and unbearable emotional pain. In fact hurting ourselves can we a way to temporarily stop feeling overwhelming sadness, rage, self-hatred or emptiness. It’s a method at that time to continue in life and to manage life.

It’s not uncommon to feel numb or empty as a result of overwhelming feelings. Therefore engaging in self-harming behaviors may provide a temporary sense of feeling or release. The idea of focusing on your feelings, rather than numbing them or releasing them through self-harm may sound frightening or alien to you. However, at LifeChange we believe that reaching out and engaging in therapy can help you work through the reasons why you are self-harming. As well as helping you find soothing and nourishing alternatives to alleviate the pain you feel inside.

Self-harming Behavours: Cutting, burning, biting, stabbing, hair, eyebrow and eyelash pulling (trichotillomania), punching ourselves or throwing ourselves against walls. These behaviors can happen at any age.