Bipolar disorder

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Bipolar depression or manic depression is a mental health condition marked by extremes in mood swings. Everyone of us can experience changes in moods during the course of a given day. In bipolar, moods can swing between intensive highs and intensive lows. A low mood state can be marked by a deep depressive state, with feelings of despair, poor self-esteem and hopelessness. A high mood can be characterized by excessive energy, over-confidence, grandiosity, restlessness, racing thoughts, talking fast, elation or what we term “mania”. At LifeChange, we don’t believe in pathologising this form of depression, as the individual is ricocheting between these highs and lows in order to self-soothe and modulate their internal arousal. Manic depression is often associated with early trauma or neglect. In LifeChange we believe in the importance of working through these issues with a mental health professional. In order to gain that balance needed for sustaining and being well in life, psychotherapy is a vital support.