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anxiety counsellingLife is difficult and being human is not easy. Anxiety is something that we all experience from time to time and it is a complex emotional state. Anxiety is perhaps the reason why the human race has survived so far as it alerts us to threats and life-threatening danger. It is an important stimuli and it provides important information to the individual enabling them to activate protective responses, for example avoiding dark alleys, having regular medical check ups, or slowing down when driving towards dangerous bends.

At LifeChange, we recognise the importance of attending to anxiety in the life of the individual, particularly when it gets out of control. We understand how paralysing and debilitating a life lived in fear and anxiety can be. We may find ourselves stuck in constant ruminating or worrying cycles that drains us of life, creativity and vitality. Our minds can wind up getting stuck in some serious kinds of confusion, suffering, or we can feel lost. We are either projecting ourselves into the future, catastrophising on what could happen or we may find ourselves stuck in the past. When we get into a panic spiral, of regretting the past or worrying about the future or start competitively comparing ourselves to others; we miss out on the present moment and the safety and the groundedness of what that can offer us. We can be our own worst enemies how we actually speak to ourselves, indeed our self-talk can be just negative and downright judgmental even vicious. At LifeChange we see it as is important to look to the root causes as well as devise a personalised treatment plan that supports you. Anxiety can present in many guises: